Morocco: repeated attacks by the government on the human and trade union rights of educators: Education International

Education International is alarmed by the ongoing violations of trade union freedoms and the rights and acquisition of teachers in Morocco, as reported by the Syndicat National de l & # 39; enseignement – Confédération démocratique du Travail (SNE-CDT).

On January 5, SNE-CDT Education International announced “the strong tensions arising from the unilateral decisions of the Minister of National Education affecting teachers' social property, constitutional right to strike and freedom to organize, since there are none gives responsible social dialogue ".

Failure to fulfill promises by the Minister of Education

The Moroccan union also recalled that the last dialogue meeting took place in February 2019, at which the Minister of National Education, Saaid Amzazi, made several promises to resolve some of the longstanding issues.

However, the SNE-CDT regretted that not all promises were kept and that despite repeated calls from the union, the minister failed to meet his obligations and instead made "more retrograde decisions that undermine teachers' rights".

It therefore decided on a program to deal with the adverse effects of the situation, a plan that was presented at a press conference on March 5, 2020. However, the COVID-19 pandemic and the resulting shutdown of educational institutions forced teachers' unionists to postpone all planned activities.

The union then criticized the fact that the Ministry of Education continued to freeze dialogue during this health crisis and failed to involve unions in managing the crisis and considering ways to ensure continuity of education. Instead, it made unilateral decisions. Deficiencies were also cited in relation to the health and safety conditions for teachers and staff in support of education, as well as for students.

Union demands presented during sit-in strikes on World Teachers Day

On October 5, 2020, SNE-CDT turned World Teachers Day into a day of demonstrations and demands by organizing meetings of union leaders in front of provincial government departments and in schools for its members.

After a meeting of its National Council, it agreed on a new action plan, which began with a national general strike on December 1st and 2nd. The strike was accompanied by sit-in strikes in front of regional government departments and demonstrations in front of the administrative boards of the regional academies chaired by the Minister for National Education.

According to the union, "The Ministry of Education's most dangerous decision at the time was to deprive strikers of the right to promotion by lowering their administrative grades, which we consider a dangerous restriction on the right to strike."

The final phase of the union activity program was a meeting of members of the SNE-CDT National Office and union representatives on December 22nd in front of the headquarters of the Ministry of Education in the state capital Rabat. However, the unionists condemned the authorities for illegal bans. citing exceptional circumstances and the law on health emergencies. They said that the authorities mobilized security services to encircle the activists before they could reach the ministry headquarters and dispersed them by force.

For a serious and responsible dialogue on union demands

The SNE-CDT also argued that this "shows that Morocco is failing to honor its commitments and this behavior is contrary to international conventions that the country has ratified, as well as national laws, and in particular the Constitution, which guarantees free speech and the right to strike, demonstrations that prove that the country lives in an obvious contradiction between discourse and the exercise of freedoms ".

For this reason, his basic demand today is "to open a serious and responsible dialogue on the outstanding demands from 2014 to date, as well as respect for trade union freedoms and the right to strike".

Education International: Solidarity with Moroccan teacher unions

Education International expresses its full solidarity with its Moroccan subsidiary, strongly supports this request by teachers 'union members and calls on the authorities to respect teachers' human and trade union rights. It will continue to investigate the situation in the country.

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