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The Global Climate Literacy Campaign

In June 2020, the Education International Executive Board joined the global climate literacy initiative along with hundreds of other trade unions, education, civil society organisations, and individuals. The goal is to increase the understanding and knowledge of students of the climate crisis and to encourage action. The campaign is designed to make climate education a […]

Colombia: Campaign Launched to Combat Death Threats Against Trade Unionists : Education International

Renewed death threats against education union leaders in Colombia have prompted a global support and solidarity campaign in protest against the continued repression and deaths, which now number more than 6,000. In a statement released today, 2 October, Education International (EI) called on its members and the global education community to express their outrage at […]

Education International and the Global Campaign for Education condemn GEMS Metropole School stance on education during the COVID-19 pandemic

GEMS Metropole School threatened parents with withholding students’ report cards and transfer slips unless school fees were paid. Education International and the Global Campaign for education call on the United Arab Emirates to not tolerate extortionary manoeuvres against children in private schools. The Global Campaign for Education (GCE) and Education International (EI) have learnt of […]

Education unionists join campaign to end COVID for all

Australia: Education unionists join campaign to end COVID for all The Australian Education Union (AEU) has joined the call to support vulnerable nations through the #EndCOVIDForAll campaign. As part of the campaign, the AEU urges the government to partner with global institutions, Australian non-government organisations, and regional neighbours and increase its financial support to address […]