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The education unions are responding to the Ministry of Education’s request to the authorities to deal with accountability, workload, funding, qualifications and inspections

Teachers' unions in the UK have responded to announcements by the Department of Education (DfE) calling on the authorities to take better account of the workload, accountability, pay and funding of educators to ensure quality education for all. NEW: A general increase in student teachers is to be welcomed, but bottlenecks in certain subjects and […]

The Union is calling for an increase in public funding for education in order to reduce the “enormous inequalities” in the sector

The Australian Education Union (AEU) has reiterated its call for increased and adequate funding for public education. The call comes as the COVID-19 pandemic highlights longstanding inequalities in education. On November 17, the AEU issued a statement calling for an increase in public funding for education. Such funding is vital as investing in public education […]

Extraordinary Global Education Meeting reaffirms commitments to SDG 4 and calls for accelerated funding and global solidarity

An extraordinary session of the UNESCO Global Education Meeting (GEM) took place today, 22 October. It was preceded by a technical meeting on the 20th devoted to policy preparation. The meeting focused on global priorities for recovery in education and accelerated action in order to make progress on achieving SDG 4. The meeting adopted a […]